JCR Vision

JCR Vision

queenAs Africa’s first competitive gay inclusive rugby team, our vision is to build formidable Gay and inclusive Competitive Rugby Club that will assert the value of gay and bisexual rugby players as competitive sportsmen to the rugby community. This will be demonstrated through our progress, inclusive environment and results.

Our vision includes the creation of a safe and comfortable environment for Adult beginners to also learn and enjoy the health and social benefits of rugby. Always striving to uphold our ethics of promoting inclusion; mutual respect and consideration; having fun; and providing a harassment free sporting environment for players, officials and fans alike. To be a catalyst of change for good within our communities, with our peers and for our country, supported by building international networks and awareness about gay rights through rugby.


  • To grow and develop gay and inclusive rugby across South Africa
  • Offer a safe and harresment free environment that caters for adult beginners touch and contact rugby.
  • Develop the self confidence and motivation of all its players;
  • Field a team that plays and enjoys competitive senior rugby;
  • Improve as rugby players and officials every year and provide an inspiring environment for players, officials and supporters to develop their interest in the sport and the Club
  • Supply an alternative platform for those desiring to play social and touch rugby
  • Provide structured training at various levels to advance the abilities of all players joining the club
  • Provide an environment where LGBTIQmen and can feel comfortable about their sexuality whilst pursuing their interest in rugby
  • Actively encourage new and former players, especially where they may have been discouraged by prejudice;
  • Encourage, develop and integrate the club’s supporters; and
  • Provide an active social programme for the enjoyment of players and supporters
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner which promotes respect for ourselves, match officials, our opponents, spectators, the community and the game of rugby
  • Make a valuable contribution to Johannesburg Rugby, Gauteng Rugby and South Afircan Rugby
  • Contribute to the LGBTIQ and wider communities through our participation in community events and our support of key organisations
  • Support the development of gay and inclusive rugby in South Africa and help promote gay and inclusive-identified rugby clubs
  • Work closely with our sponsors to help them realise their long-term goals and the full benefits of sponsorship
  • Operate an effective, efficient and financially stable organisation which supports the achievement of our core long-term aims.
  • Most of all have fun, make new friends and enjoy game of rugby


  1. Promote inclusivity and diversity in sport and equality for all
  2. Mutual & Self Respect
  3. Have Fun
  4. Open and honest Communication
  5. Good Sportsmanship
  6. Promote a safe harassment free environment