Homophobia In Sport

Homophobia In Sport

On the principles we were founded on, we have taken a stand to speak up to say Homophobia has no place in sport!

Sport is one of the last few pockets of our social fabric where homophobia is tolerated and socially acceptable. A professional athlete should be recognised for their mastery and commitment to their craft and not discriminated against for their sexual identity. In the same vain professional athletes often serve as role models that the youth and fans alike, aspire to follow in their footstep or emulate them as a Hero and bigotry should not be tolerated.

It certainly does not meet the Jozi Cats standard of the value of good sportsmanship or mutual and self respect.

For this reason professional atlhetes, officials, fans and associations alike, need to take it apon themselves – each individually and collectively, to #BTheWhislte on homophobia in sport.

We have launched a heartfelt Campaign called #BTheWhislte On Homophobia In Sport #GayRugbyTour to raise awareness and start a global conversation around the impact homophobia in sport has on sportsmen and women, our view on the solution and what we intend to do about it on this tour. Together we can create a lasting legacy of transformation in sport.


We hope that everyone from the around the world that supported us initially and believes in our cause will donate what they can to help us go on tour to spread our message that homophobia has no place in sport.

Jozi Cats believe there is no place for homophobia in sport and that each of us; sportsmen and women, fans, officials and associations, alike need to BLOW THE WHISLE ON HOMOHPHOBIA IN SPORT!

Lets rewrite the values of good sportsmenship in sport and standardise legislation that promotes inclusivity and diversity and considers equality for all.



Seven internationally respected experts on homophobia and discrimination in sport, from six universities, played the critical role of ensuring this study was conducted to the highest possible standards of research. Each member of the panel had previously conducted their own research in this field, including Prof. Pat Griffin, who pioneered this area of study. Out on the Fields is not the first study conducted on this issue, but it is the first time that homophobia in sport has been studied internationally. Please see the Tools and Resources page for links to previous research.

While Out on the Fields is not an academic study, the panel of experts reviewed and approved the scope of research, study design (including questions), data collection methods and the contents of the final report. They ensured the study met standards of data collection and provided the level of analysis expected in academic settings. The final report includes the results of the detailed, expert analysis conducted on the raw data. The raw data and the analysis was then collated into a final report, written by two professional writers, one of which is a multi-award winning journalist. This is why Out on the Fields is called a study.



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